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  • Database Replication in 60 Seconds1:08

    Database Replication in 60 Seconds

    Database replication in just 60 seconds is challenging because there are so… many… options. We're going to focus on the most common form of replication: master-slave.

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  • What Is Real Time Failover?1:08

    What Is Real Time Failover?

    What is real-time failover? Hardware failures, while not altogether too common, do happen. And if a single component in your single web server fails, your entire web app goes dark. Know what to do.

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  • What are Availability Groups?1:12

    What are Availability Groups?

    Availability Groups offers app and website resiliency, complete redundancy, automatic, real-time failover and disaster recovery. Learn how it all works in 60 seconds.

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  • Managed Hosting in 60 Seconds1:10

    Managed Hosting in 60 Seconds

    What is Managed Hosting in 60 seconds, gives you a quick explanation about how infrastructure and hardware paired with services and people give you the time you need to focus on your business.

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  • What is Disaster Recovery?1:13

    What is Disaster Recovery?

    Disaster Recovery or better known as DR helps your website stay online when a disaster occurs. This video walks you through the importance of what disaster recovery is, and how it can help you.

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  • What is Load Balancing?1:05

    What is Load Balancing?

    Do you ever experience your web server getting slow? It could be because of your traffic. So how do you scale up from one web server? A load balancer can help. This video explains how in 60 seconds.

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