We Are Here to Help You Grow

March 28, 2018 Terry Trout

Grow with us. Last week, we announced our new Web Professional Partner program. If you grow your business by adding clients through web, store or application design, development or maintenance, it’s the Partner program designed exclusively for you. We created this program with the flexibility, rewards, and benefits that our partners said were important.

First, we built the program to grow with you the way you grow your business. Sometimes you offer Liquid Web products and services to your clients and sometimes you simply want to refer a client. Or both. Different clients, different needs. One program that has the flexibility to pay you any way you choose to grow.     

Then, we asked about how Partners like to get paid. And added the ability for you to choose how you want to set up payment for your account – via monthly recurring residual or 1x monthly revenue payout. Customers generally stay with Liquid Web, so we think that you will enjoy creating a recurring revenue stream as an augment to your business.

And we asked how we could help … and people just like you told us to that we could help sell, solution, onboard and support your customers. So we’ll do that. Sign our Web Professional Partner agreement and we’ll assign a dedicated Hosting Advisor who can help you solution and sell, give you access to architects and engineers for larger deals, provide co-branded marketing materials, if helpful, and as always, continue to deliver innovative products designed to help you quickly launch new sites, apps, and stores for your clients.  

You can also look forward to access to tips, tricks and offers to help you grow. We’re starting with a limited time offer for those who sign your new Web Professional agreement. For any deal you bring before May 31st, we’ll pay you a bonus of 1x monthly revenue in addition to your Partner commission.

As a Web Professionals, you are a strategic focus for Liquid Web. More than a third of our 32,000 customer billing relationships are with Creators who design, develop and build on the web. And, we estimate that another third of our customers came from referrals from people like you. We’re proud that we’ve helped over 10,000 agencies and creatives thrive by managing their hosting, allowing them to focus on customer growth and creating amazing digital experiences.

 We promise you that we get up every day and work to be a great host for you and your clients. We want you to count on us for fast, secure, highly available and hassle-free hosting. We want you to have peace of mind that we have your back. Unlike most of our industry today, we’ll happily take care of you “human to human”. Any hour of the day and any way you want … via phone, chat or ticket.

And now we want to do more. We want to be part of your future. We want to help you, attract, serve and grow with your own clients.

Yes, it’s strategic. And, yes, it’s great for Liquid Web’s business. But it’s also core to our Vision … “To be the World’s Most Loved Hosting Provider” and to our Character  … “The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting”.    

If you’re not a Web Professional, we can help you earn revenue through the right program in our Partner Portfolio:

Referral:  For IT Consultants, and others that come across hosting referral opportunities.

Affiliates:  Place banners & links on your site and earn huge commissions.

Reseller:  Build your customer solutions on top of our infrastructure.

We hope you see the addition of our Web Professional Partner program as Liquid Web’s commitment to growing our relationship with Creators and Partners we serve.   

Let us be more than a host. We’re here to help you grow.

Are you ready to get started with our Web Professional Partner program? For a limited time, we’re offering a 1x Monthly Revenue Bonus for any new deals you bring over before May 31st with no restrictions on payout. The more deals you bring over, the more you earn! Learn More

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