Perfect-Fit Hosting for Your Next Project

June 17, 2022 Todd Terwillegar

Title: Perfect-fit hosting for your next website project - Liquid Web. Liquid Web is a managed web host that offers feature-packed plans, commendable update. Quote by Jim Geiger "Because we have hosting assets, applications assets - and now software assets - complemented by the best support in the industry, we meet these customer where, how, and what they want to buy." Jim Geiger, The CEO of Liquid Web. Image of Jim Geiger on left against purple background. Logo for Liquid Web and Websiteplanet in lower light corner.

Jim Geiger, the CEO of Liquid Web, was interviewed by Marko Velimirović from to discuss Liquid Web's mission and strategy to enable SMBs and their creators to build a business online. The article breaks down what separates Liquid Web from competitors, today's intriguing technology trends, and what plans Liquid Web has for the future.

The interview covers details about our VMware Private Cloud solution that provides industry-leading power, performance, and reliability; our Managed Hosting product line that powers businesses from simple to highly scalable and sophisticated cloud solutions; and Store Builder, which can launch your WordPress-powered store faster than any other solution on the market and is fully customizable after answering just a few questions.

Read's interview Perfect-Fit Hosting for Your Next Project - Liquid Web today.

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