Which Is the Best Fit for Your Business…A Cloud VPS or A Dedicated Server?

April 5, 2018 Mike Sherman

Choosing the right hosting package can be a difficult process. There are a lot of factors to consider and you may not know exactly what your business needs. Whether you have one small website, 100 websites or don’t even have a website at all - we will give you a starting point to choose between a Cloud VPS or a Dedicated Server, and help you figure out what service is the perfect fit for your business.

What is a Cloud VPS?

Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are dynamic hosting servers that can be provisioned in minutes and come pre-loaded with an operating system and other services provided by your hosting company. Cloud VPS exist within a parent server so they can be resized, re-imaged, and re-configured for many different needs quickly. The benefit of having the re-sizing function available is that it allows you to expand the capacity and power of your server without having to migrate to another server entirely. You can add more RAM, CPUs, or hard drive space without long periods of down-time or physical re-configuration.

Many hosting providers, such as Liquid Web, offer VPS pricing at less than half the cost of a dedicated server and the pricing is scalable to your small or medium-sized business. Whether you need to clone a server, add more hard drive space, or change operating systems entirely, Cloud VPS servers are flexible and can grow with your business. With a Cloud VPS, you can start small and scale up as you need.

Liquid Web - Cloud VPS Scales with Business Growth

A look at the technical specifications of a Cloud VPS:

To give you an understanding of the computing power of a VPS versus a dedicated server, take a look at Liquid Web’s VPS packages. Here is an overview:

  • RAM: 2-8 GB
  • CPUs: 2-8 CPUs
  • Hard Drive Space: 40-200 GB
  • Operating System: Linux or Windows
  • Pricing: $59-$179 per month

What Do People Use a VPS For?

Hosting a Few Websites

If you have a site that receives quite a bit of visitors or you have 1-10 smaller sites with only a little bit of traffic, a Cloud VPS would likely be the right choice for you. A Cloud VPS can host pretty big websites or sites that receive quite a bit of traffic and handle them quite well.

Liquid Web - People use a VPS for Hosting a Few Websites

File Storage

Many people use their VPS to host files that they can access anywhere in the world. Whether they are business documents or personal documents, image and backups, you can use a VPS to store your files and keep them in the cloud.

Document Sharing and Collaboration

Often times businesses will have a VPS so they can share documents or collaborate with many users in one place. Businesses host Apache Subversion and Git to give employees access to their own versions of the company files so that users can build together more intuitively. A Cloud VPS is a great choice for this kind of use.

Liquid Web - VPS is good for document sharing and collaboration

So, who would be a good fit for a dedicated server?

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a server that is built for your business. They may take longer to set up but you have higher customization of your server tailored to your needs. While a Cloud VPS has limited selections of operating systems for Linux and Windows, a dedicated server can be used to install anything. Dedicated servers can also have larger computing capacity such as having 24 CPU cores or 1-2TB of hard drive space and 64GB of RAM.

Liquid Web - What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server can host huge websites that receive a large amount of traffic and still work without a hitch. These servers are used in industries such as medical or education and can host international websites that get millions of visitors per year. If you have a large business or need a lot of computing power, a dedicated server is likely the right choice for you.

A look at the technical specifications of a Dedicated Server:

To give you an understanding of the computing power of a dedicated server, take a look at Liquid Web’s Dedicated Server Packages. Here is an overview:

  • RAM: 16-64 GB
  • CPUs: 4-24 Core Processing
  • Hard Drive Space: 500 GB - 200 TB
  • Operating System: Anything You Want
  • Pricing: $199-$3596 per month

What Are Dedicated Servers Used For?

Hosting Large Websites

Dedicated servers are often used to host hundreds of websites or very large and bandwidth intensive sites like video streaming sites. While here at Liquid Web we own our own data centers, many web companies get dedicated servers to host their clients' websites and install any management system they want.

Liquid Web - Dedicated Servers are a great fit for users with large or multiple websites

VPN Access

Companies that have hundreds of employees that need access to a server at any given time may use a dedicated server to fulfill their needs. They can share documents and create VPN access for their employees to keep all the data in one place and accessible anywhere in the world.

Database Server

If you are hosting a lot of records for business, education, or the medical industries you may need a dedicated server. If the information needs to be accessed quickly by many people at once and stored in a permanent continuous backup, a dedicated server is the right choice for you. At Liquid Web, we even offer multi-server setups for enterprise businesses and PCI / HIPPA compliant companies.

Which Hosting Package Should You Choose?

Maybe you’re still not sure if you should choose a Cloud VPS or a Dedicated Server and are still trying to figure out which service is right for you. If your small websites just don’t seem to fit on a Cloud VPS but aren’t big enough for a dedicated server or your businesses VPN needs or database access seems more than a VPS can maintain but not enough for a dedicated server, then contact our team at Liquid Web. Our Most Helpful Humans in Hosting are here to help you, by taking your exact business needs into account and finding the perfect match for you. We have a wide variety of services offered and our expert team can help find what’s right for you. We’re happy to do it!

Select the hosting solution that is right for you. Here at Liquid Web, we want to make sure that your hosting solution is the perfect fit for your business. Let us help you choose your plan and if you have any questions, chat with one of our hosting advisors. Learn More

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