“Protected Home Depot’s reputation for dependability” - Home Depot Case Study

July 17, 2019 Liquid Web

Liquid Web Enables Seamless eCommerce Expansion for Home Depot

Home Depot needed to fold in a company acquisition to their online store while maintaining performance. Liquid Web helped engineer a load-balanced solution of dedicated servers and scalable Cloud VPS.

As consumers’ tendency for using the Internet to inform and influence their purchases has grown, so have their expectations. And, as Home Depot knows so well by the demise of many of their competitors, success in eCommerce means maintaining a comprehensive and commanding online presence.

Acquiring U.S. Home Systems in 2012 to expand its product offerings was an essential part of this strategy, but what an undertaking it turned out to be. The seamless integration of these new services meant utilizing Home Depot’s existing infrastructure and folding in the new acquisition—combined with the complexities of the additional content this acquisition created along with the traffics spikes that occur during typical Home Depot sales events. Add in customer abandonment rates that continue to inflate the longer it takes a site to load, and the bottom line was the site had to load quickly for all potential users. Failure was not an option.

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