“Best-of-breed technicians” - Ribbet Case Study

July 18, 2019 Liquid Web

Ribbet Prepares to Serve 1.5 Million App Users with Help from Liquid Web Elite Premier Support Technicians

Ribbet grew frustrated with its cheap hosting provider's performance issues and bad support. Liquid Web provided a seamless migration to its dedicated servers, delivering performance and transparent pricing. 

Ribbet is a browser-based photo editor application created and run by Ben Meisner from Sidney, Australia. People with photos for travel or business can upload the photograph, fix it, optimize it, apply various filters, or create collages. They can do that in their browser without downloading
any software. The entire service relies on a backend hosted through Liquid Web. There have been more than 1.5 million users who have registered to use the site. This system uses online storage for photos and a separate server for the database.

Ben explained, “Every day of web traffic is like a wave, and the peak time occurs during the afternoon and evening in the United States. So the system requires a load balancer and two web servers to handle the peak load of traffic. The servers are completely scalable. The plan is to market the product more and easily scale the service to more servers.”

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