Case Study: Grows to Quarter Million in Sales With Liquid Web

March 30, 2020 Todd Terwillegar

ASCOMSA case study recap

Prissio Dormi, General Manager for, a web hosting company in Ecuador, has been around since the beginning of the company in 1986. The business, which started with a single account, has been growing steadily to meet the demands of the region.

In 2012, both Ecuador and Latin America saw a sudden increase in demand for corporate emails and websites, which ASCOMSA quickly shifted to help meet. But with increased accounts came an increased demand on their existing infrastructure. The data center they were currently at began to leave tickets unattended and lose data, which was unacceptable for their clients. That’s when they found Liquid Web.

I was looking for the best data center to take my headaches away once and for all,” said Dormi. “We needed a data center that really cared about our customers.” ASCOMSA quickly learned they could rely on The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™ to support their growth trajectory. “I still remember other big hosting companies taking over 24 hours to respond to an issue. Liquid Web on the other hand, sets the standard for support in the hosting business.”

Due to the support from Liquid Web, ASCOMSA is now getting close to a quarter million dollars annually in sales, and is paving its way to become one of the top hosting companies in Ecuador.

Download the full case study to learn more about their journey with Liquid Web.

ASCOMSA Case Study - download now

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