“Glued to Liquid Web” - Crazy Engineers Case Study

July 17, 2019 Liquid Web

Crazy Engineers Databases Get 330% Faster as Company Relies on Liquid Web for Hosting and Tech Expertise

When Crazy Engineers suffered a debilitating hack, they knew it was time to call Liquid Web. Liquid Web introduced steady upgrades, database tools, and fast servers, speeding up database processes by 330%.

Kaustubh Katdare launched CrazyEngineers.com in 2005 to facilitate the exchange of ideas between engineering professionals. Since then, the site has made a name for itself by providing a constant stream of new and useful information and a vibrant online community where ideas that shape our future are discussed.

As an engineer-built site for engineers, site management wasn’t an initial concern. But problems did arise relating to hardware, uptime, and security: the original site suffered a debilitating hack that the previous host could not recover from. Growing the site as a startup also created a number of concerns, such as not having enough server capacity to handle fluctuating traffic needs as the site became more popular.

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