“Fundamental to the success of this event” - Infoplum Case Study

July 17, 2019 Liquid Web

Liquid Web Powers Real-Time Coverage of the World Cup

Infoplum's app needed to handle billions of global requests to stream the World Cup. Liquid Web came through by adding more nodes, custom-configured load balancers, and more IP addresses to their cloud sites.

Soccer: The world’s most popular, most talked about, and most-watched sporting event by far. And the World Cup is its jeweled crown. With this in mind, infoplum-AFP had the monumental task of providing the world with real-time coverage (including score updates, profiles, and predictive data) of this premier event.

With all eyes on AFP, it was imperative that their proprietary application handle billions of global requests during the month-long tournament—because failure would not only result in the total outrage of millions of passionate fans, it would also be a major hit to the credibility and reputation of the infoplum-AFP brand.

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