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Five Ways to Prevent a Brute Force Attack

December 31, 2020 Liquid Web

Is Your Business Protected From Brute Force Attacks?

How strong are your corporate passwords for your site logins and servers? How strict are your password policies for employees?  Are you using two-factor authentication (2FA) for your site?

According to Better Buys, passwords with only eight lowercase characters can be cracked in five hours.

A brute force attack is a type of cyber attack where hackers try a long list of passwords to access your site/server. And they can be very damaging if successful. After all, 60% of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are breached shut down within six months.

Hackers use brute force attacks to:

  1. Steal your personal information.
  2. Use your credentials for credential stuffing.
  3. Use your information for phishing.
  4. Ruin your organization’s reputation.
  5. Compromise your website(s).
Download this infographic to find out what a brute force attack is and how to prevent with five immediate and actionable steps.

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