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February 23, 2021 Liquid Web

An Affordable and Flexible Intrusion Detection System (IDS) For SMBs

For those that don't require end-to-end protection or a standalone hardware device, but still have security, compliance, or corporate/organizational requirements for an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) product, Threat Stack is the answer.

Key Benefits Threat Stack Provides:

  1. Real-time protection from intrusion attempts
  2. Covers reactive, proactive, and interactive threats
  3. Affordable per-server pricing
  4. Monitoring and legitimate alerts from an experienced Security Operations Center (SOC)
  5. Pairs well with ServerSecurePlus

For over 20 years, Liquid Web has been focused on securing small to medium-sized businesses just like yours. With over 45,000 customers across the globe, we know Managed Hosting.

Download the Threat Stack Datasheet to Find Out How It Works For You

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