How Threat Stack Helps Full-Stack Cloud Security

April 21, 2021 Jerry Vasquez

Cloud security has become a hot topic over the past few years. Following the current trends, more and more of the essential infrastructure is moving to the cloud — and there are some good reasons for it such as scalability, reliability, and cost savings.

On the flip side, this also means that every new high-profile hack is now being discussed and analyzed by the whole industry.

Liquid Web’s customers have been requesting an affordable IDS (Intrusion Detection System) solution that would cover their security monitoring needs for active threats. Up until just recently, such solutions have only been available to enterprise clients, due to the amount of required resources and prohibitive costs.

Today, we’re introducing Threat Stack — a new IDS offering for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

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What Is Threat Stack?

Threat Stack is a security platform designed specifically for monitoring cloud environments, covering workloads, vulnerabilities, infrastructure, and compliance.

The main benefit of Threat Stack is that it provides continuous proactive monitoring across your full infrastructure stack. Not only does it monitor your web application, but it also helps track risky behavior that starts at deployment, scans your operating system, detects any unusual patterns in file hosting, and analyzes other server events in real time.

As a result, you don’t need to integrate multiple security solutions in the cloud or spend time manually tweaking the desired functionality. Threat Stack is implemented throughout the stack right away, is platform-independent, and easily adapts to various environments.

benefits of using threat stack

The Benefits of Using Threat Stack

Threat Stack is a compelling offering for all SMBs that want an additional, hands-off security layer and already utilize Liquid Web infrastructure. In fact, our existing clients can already get this sophisticated security functionality at any time right through the My.LiquidWeb Interface.

Some of the benefits of using Threat Stack at Liquid Web include:

  • Real-time protection from active intrusion attempts. This means that you now have visibility into ongoing events on the server, saving yourself from the consequences of discovering a data breach too late.
  • Monitoring for reactive, proactive, and interactive threats. In other words, Threat Stack is designed to detect even the most evasive discrepancies in your server events.
  • Quick threat detection in cloud infrastructure. Threat Stack is able quickly isolate problems, equaling less damage incurred.
  • A flexible, all-in-one solution. Threat Stack is tailored to your server’s specific operating system deployment and remains accessible to you, no matter how your infrastructure changes or scales over time.
  • Improved PCI and HIPAA compliance. Meeting and maintaining compliance is essential for companies that manage sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or patient data.

Essential Threat Stack Features

Threat Stack’s security offering is growing rapidly and continuously incorporating more functionality. Here are a few Threat Stack features that any Liquid Web client is able to access today:

  • Pre-configured rules tailored to your specific operating system or control panel setup.
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring of users, processes, networks, and file behaviors.
  • Fully integrated IDS functionality with real-time alerts and threat response.
  • Machine-learning capability that leverages more than 60 billion events in the Threat Stack infrastructure every day to be able to detect and respond to threats faster than ever before.
  • Affordable price even for the smallest companies.

Who Should Use Threat Stack?

If you ask us, we’re convinced that every company can benefit from having Threat Stack as part of their security strategy. Specifically, however, Threat Stack works best for companies who want real-time protection against active external threats and need to reduce alert investigation time from hours to minutes.

This has become critical for all companies, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent work-from-home policies. When so many employees are suddenly accessing your cloud infrastructure from new IPs, from various locations, and at different times, it turns into a taxing workload for your security team. While the expected baseline behavior is not the same anymore, the need for detecting suspicious behavior quickly remains a top priority.

To give you an example of Threat Stack in action, take a look at their Q1 2020 report, which has identified a dramatic increase in attempts to regenerate users’ SSH keys by logging into a bastion host, elevating permissions to root and examining the SSH folders of others.

When it comes to adopting Threat Stack in your organization, Liquid Web is one of the very few web hosting companies that offer affordable IDS solutions of this type. Most other mid-tier offerings available today are much more limiting, since they are often restricted to certain operating systems and control panels, while we install the Threat Stack functionality in a way that is tailored to your specific needs.

With Liquid Web, you get a truly platform-agnostic solution that doesn’t require setting up multiple tools and undergoing any extensive training.

Threat Stack provides all the benefits of top enterprise-level security available on-demand.

Find Our More About Threat Stack

Still not sure how to go about implementing Threat Stack in your company? Contact us and a member of our tech team will be happy to answer any IDS-related questions on your mind.

For over 20 years, Liquid Web has been focused on securing small and medium-sized businesses around the world. With 45,000 customers, we have a rock-solid knowledge of all aspects of managed hosting, security, and compliance. We’re also excited to be able to continuously provide more value by offering the latest industry functionality, such as Threat Stack, to all our customers.

Ready to Handle Intrusion Attempts Real Time? Download our Threat Stack Datasheet to Learn More.
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