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November 1, 2019 Todd Terwillegar


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As most of our affiliate partners are aware, planning two months (or more) ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is key to a successful end of year.

In Q3, to help our affiliates fill their calender with content we pitted our affiliate partners against each other in a friendly contest to see who could create the most engaging, enlightening, invoking, and amazing article about why WooCommerce is great for eCommerce stores.

The Prize: Winners were awarded with some cash bonuses—but more importantly—bragging rights as Q3 Affiliate Contest Winners.

We received a great amount of participation among our affiliate partners and we were really excited to read all of the articles. We have some really amazing affiliate partners (humble brag)!

Each piece submitted was judged based on the content’s overall quality, length, design, and accuracy of information.

Without further ado, here are the affiliate partner winning and runner up articles.

Fall 2019 Affiliate Contest Winner: GrowthHacking.Africa

GrowthHacking.Africa was the contest winner.

What did we love about it?

It highlights the true reality about choosing infrastructure over design. “The lucky [stores] that survive soon realize a successful online store is beyond a sleek user interface and a highly sought product – though very important, the infrastructure on which they run played an equal role to their success.”

Anyone can launch a store on a $5 website, but when your store grows, the infrastructure behind it is what truly matters.

We also liked that the article included some real-life “tweetable moments”.

Read the rest at What Makes WooCommerce on Liquid Web Great for E-commerce Stores.

The article was written by Joshua Okapes. Follow Joshua on Twitter @JOkapes

Fall 2019 Contest Runner-Up: WebHostingCat.com

WebHostingCat took 2nd place in the contest

What did we love about it?

Again, infrastructure is really important, so we like the fact that they mentioned the importance of performance testing. “A second or two here or there can mean the difference between someone purchasing your products or going somewhere else. And, we know that Google is looking at website speed, so you definitely want a faster running website for search engine performance as well. As I mentioned above, WooCommerce out of the box isn’t necessarily the fastest platform. However, Liquid Web has more than taken care of any speed issues.”

Read the rest: https://webhostingcat.com/why-you-need-liquid-web-managed-woocommerce-hosting/

The article was written by Michael James. Follow Michael on Twitter @WebHostingCat

Fall 2019 Contest Third Place: rswebsols.com

RS Web Sols won third place in our contest.

What did we love about it?

RS Websols did a really great job highlighting the different Woocommerce plan offerings and giving further details by providing a Q&A. Similar to the two posts above, speed is key. “The WooCommerce plugin simply turns your WordPress website into an eCommerce store, however, Managed WooCommerce Hosting transforms it into a hassle-free, full-featured eCommerce platform which will not only increase the speed of your WooCommerce store but will also enhance its functionality and consistency.”

Read more: https://www.rswebsols.com/reviews/web-hosting-reviews/liquid-web-managed-woocommerce-hosting

The article was written by Souvik Banerjee. Follow Souvik on Twitter @rswebsols

We really appreciate the amazing interest we had in the contest and really enjoyed reading all the great articles. A big thanks to everyone that entered and participated.

We really do have the best affiliate partners.

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