Season 2 - Store Builders Podcast with Chris Lema

August 14, 2019 Chris Lema

"How can I take my eCommerce store to the next level?" In Season One, we answered that question with a little help from industry experts and successful store owners. In Season Two of The Store Builders Podcast, we help you expand you knowledge, influence, and revenue with new strategies.

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Episode 11: Consulting Your Clients on New Product Launches

Episode 12: Small Site Tweaks That Have a Big Impact on Performance

Episode 13: Security Considerations for Store Builders and Owners

Episode 14: How to Structure Your Store Building Services

Episode 15: How to Optimize Product Pages for Conversions

Episode 16: Leveraging User-Generated Content to Help Your Clients Sell More Products

Episode 17: How to Run a Headache-Free Discovery Project

Episode 18: Different Types of Businesses You Should Partner With This Year

Episode 19: How to Help Your Clients Grow With Paid Ads

Episode 20: How to Help Customers Add a Store to Their Existing Site

About the Author

Chris Lema

Chris Lema is our Vice President of Products at Liquid Web. A well-known blogger and public speaker, Chris has led our product teams to develop and launch our Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce product lines.

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