“Include Substantially Reduced Administrative Costs For Itself & Clients With Liquid Web Cloud Servers” - Include Software Case Study

June 24, 2021 Liquid Web

Include Software offers landscapers a comprehensive and straightforward platform to elevate their business, handling everything from customer relationship management and scheduling to accounting and inventory management, making the company the only truly integrated software for the Landscaping Industry.

“Our company’s goal is, and has always been, to offer a complete solution for our clients,” says Nanette Seven, Vice President of Include. It’s a commitment that has made Include a trusted name in the Landscaping Industry.

Manual Onboarding & IT Administration Headaches

With Include’s growth came inevitable administrative headaches—for the company and their customers. Handling administration and IT needs for clients became incredibly time-consuming, hindering growth, and was ultimately taking away from the bottom line.

“We couldn’t keep doing in-house admin. We had to free our time so that we could dedicate resources to our growth,” states Seven.

In addition to relieving them of their administrative and IT maintenance pain points, Include needed an IT partner who would streamline the onboarding process for new clients and, ideally, generate another profit stream for the company through a partner program.

Download the Case Study Now to Learn How Liquid Web Streamlined Onboarding & Support Ticketing While Increasing Profitability for Include Software

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