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May 20, 2019 Liquid Web

Executive Summary

Our Managed Private Cloud Powered by VMware & NetApp is
designed to address business-specific issues while also providing
a powerful and efficient service that cuts costs and reduces
complexity. In this paper, we outline the issues many businesses
face and how our platform addresses them while also providing
compelling, cost-cutting TCO, on average of 40%.

This paper provides a comprehensive TCO analysis of Liquid
Web’s Managed Private Cloud Powered by VMware & NetApp
for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs). In the US SMBs are
usually defined as organizations with less than 500 employees
and revenue of less than $50 million. SMBs typically have
different IT requirements and challenges than larger enterprises
and are often faced with highly constrained IT resources (usually
budget and staff).

This TCO summary evaluates on-premise versus Managed
VMware Private Cloud and includes a detailed data table for a
three-year and five-year forecast.

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