Liquid Web Launches Acronis Cyber Backups for Dedicated Hosting

February 18, 2020 Mayra Pena

LANSING, Mich., Feb 18, 2020 – Liquid Web, LLC, the market leader in managed hosting and managed application services to SMBs and entrepreneurs, today announced the launch of Acronis Cyber Backups for Dedicated Hosting, giving customers added customization and capabilities.

“Acronis is the leader in cyber protection with the #1 Hybrid Cloud Backup solution, and we are excited to be able to provide this to our customers,” said Melanie Purkis, Director of Managed Hosting Product. “Any organization conducting business online knows that backups are no longer an option; they are a requirement. Data availability and security are critical to all businesses, regardless of size. By partnering with Acronis, Liquid Web will be able to provide its customers with reliable and easy-to-use backup solutions designed to improve recovery time, while creating more efficient uptime. Acronis Cyber Backups will give our customers the ability to customize and access their backups themselves, which is something that has been highly requested,” said Purkis.

Acronis Cyber Backup will provide customers with these highly anticipated new capabilities:

  1. Our service will include a powerful portal for self-managing backups.
  2. Customizable backup plans, including scheduling and retention policies, gives customers the ability to protect their data in compliance with their own unique business needs.
  3. Options for backing up to local disk, to the Liquid Web cloud, or the Acronis Cloud gives customers the flexibility to choose the backup destination that they prefer.
  4. Acronis Active Protection, which actively protects data from ransomware, giving customers an added layer of security to their data.

“Acronis offers an innovative data backup solution that will ensure all of our customers’ data is safe and secure, so it is available precisely when our customers need it. We look forward to the success of this partnership with Acronis, and how it will benefit our customers,” said Purkis.

“For web hosting service providers like Liquid Web who are responsible for hosting data from thousands of customers, it is critical to have a solution that delivers active protection against ransomware, instant restore capabilities, and complete data protection,” said Patrick Hurley, Vice President and General Manager, Americas at Acronis. “Liquid Web understands the value of cyber protection and the power of the integration of data protection and cybersecurity that is Acronis Cyber Backup. On top of that, Acronis’ ability to enable hosters to easily integrate and create valuable offerings quickly is a big win for Liquid Web’s customers.”

Acronis is now available to new and existing customers on all Dedicated Servers and VMware Private Cloud. Click to learn more about Acronis Cyber Backup.

About Liquid Web

Marking its 22nd anniversary, Liquid Web powers online content, commerce, and potential for SMB entrepreneurs and the designers, developers, and digital agencies who create for them. An industry leader in managed hosting and cloud services, Liquid Web is known for its high-performance services and exceptional customer support. Liquid Web offers a broad portfolio designed so customers can choose a hosting solution that is hands-on or hands-off or a hybrid of the two. The company owns and manages its own core data centers, providing a diverse range of offerings, including bare metal servers, fully managed hosting, Managed WordPress, and Managed WooCommerce Hosting, and continues to evolve its service offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of its web-reliant, professional customers. With more than a million sites under management, Liquid Web serves over 30,000 customers spanning 150 countries. The company has assembled a world-class team, global data centers and an expert group of 24/7/365 solution engineers. As an industry leader in customer service*, the rapidly expanding company has been recognized among INC. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies for twelve years. For more information, please visit, or read our blog posts at Stay up to date with all Liquid Web events on Twitter and LinkedIn.

*2019 Net Promoter Score of 67

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