Why High Availability Matters

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As more business is done through an organization's website, ensuring the highest possible availability of the underlying hardware infrastructure is essential. The reasons are clear and striking, from direct economic losses and staff productivity drains to damage to brand reputation and legal/regulatory exposure. The economic impact alone is staggering: One research report indicates that infrastructure downtime can cost a typical mid-sized organization $1 million a year and can exceed $60 million per year for a large enterprise. 1 Other data point out that the cost of managing downtime continues to grow by double digits annually, as more organizations move a higher portion of their core services and databases to the internet. Now, add to that the increased struggle organizations face in juggling the need for more digital services and workflows with a desire to keep IT budgets—especially Capex and staffing—under tight control. 1 "Businesses losing $700 billion a year to IT downtime," IHS Inc., January 2016 Nearly all organizations increasingly rely on their web presence to make money, either directly or indirectly. So, unanticipated downtime can have major implications. Going with a managed hosting service can help improve hardware availability, but not all hosting companies can deliver the high availability organizations need in an era of digital transformation. Here's a smart, cost-effective option. W H I T E P A P E R Why High Availability Matters— and How You Can Achieve It Reliably and Affordably

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