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“[Troubleshooting that’s] fast, seamless, and usually on the fly” - Disruptor Beam Case Study

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INDUSTRY Social Gaming PRODUCTS Custom Solutions, Dedicated PAIN POINTS Disruptor Beam experienced growing pains during the success of their GoT Ascent social game, finding themselves pinched between controlling capital expenditures and adding needed inf rastrucure. HOW LIQUID WEB HELPED The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting TM designed and deployed Dedicated SSD Drives along with an Arista switch to remove any limitations during drive execution. This innovative solution, coupled with hybrid connectivity and on-demand flexibility, provided Disruptor Beam with the ability to maintain their growing userbase while wrangling in their spending. "[Troubleshooting that's] fast, seamless, and usually on the fly" Liquid Web Supports Game of Thrones RPG Through Rapid Scaling Disruptor Beam has become a powerful force in the area of social gaming. Their latest foray, the role-playing game called Game of Thrones Ascent, was an instant hit with Game of Thrones fans, and with this success came the growing pains and impediments associated with a new launch. With thousands of users joining each month, the need for fast, expandable storage was critical to eliminate the issues of game lag and the obstacles related to inaccessibility that can typically try the short patience of the avid gamer and make them engage elsewhere. On top of this was the need to control capital expenditures, a critical component to handling the added inf rastructure needed to keep up with the game's commercial success while operating within a clearly defined budget. How Liquid Web Helped Liquid Web came equipped to overwhelm Disruptor Beam's read/write concerns by employing Dedicated SSD Drives and an Artista switch to handle the

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