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“Like an extension of my IT team” - Rapid Crush Case Study

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INDUSTRY Marketing and Consulting PRODUCTS Cloud Dedicated, Dedicated PAIN POINTS Rapid Crush found their previous hosting company unresponsive in times of need. If Rapid Crush had issues on the day of a product launch, their slow support response meant lost sales. HOW LIQUID WEB HELPED The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting TM helped Rapid Crush move to a new cloud server and two new dedicated hosting servers. Service and support are no longer a headache, and the new inf rastructure is more robust and flexible. "Like an extension of my IT team" Rapid Crush Solves Downtime Problem with Support from Liquid Web To help their clients promote their products on platforms like Amazon, Rapid Crush built a WordPress theme marketplace called where clients can buy themes that are customized for selling to different markets. At the start of this endeavor, Rapid Crush used one of Liquid Web's hosting competitors, and the relationship quickly went south. Any time Rapid Crush needed their previous hosting company to get involved with support, the hosting company very unresponsive. And because the support was outsourced overseas, there were some language barriers that made it difficult for the support team to understand the questions: which meant it was taking even longer to answer. If Rapid Crush had problems on the first day of a product launch or if something happened in the middle of a weeklong promotion, the downtime caused by the slow support resulted in lost sales. Having the hosting company not responding to Rapid Crush's compelling needs to bring servers back up was directly impacting how much money Rapid Crush could make: or, f rom another angle, how much money they were losing.

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