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“Support you’d expect [if you were] CEO of a large established company” - Tucknologies Case Study

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INDUSTRY Website Development and Mobile Applications PRODUCT Add-Ons PAIN POINTS Tucknologies customers relied on his powerful development, database, and web servers. But any successful malware or DDoS attack threatened getting his banking and insurance clients blacklisted and disrupting reputation and profits. HOW LIQUID WEB HELPED The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting TM provided security services and 24/7/265 support to ensure data integrity and security, while Tucknologies could again focus on developing for the future. "Support you'd expect [if you were] CEO of a large established company" Tucknologies Taps Liquid Web to Mitigate Cyber Attacks for Phone Apps Tucknologies Founder Craig Tucker helps developers create a host of smartphone apps and a flexible data visualization platform. Their data visualization platform lets them create custom dashboards that display graphs to track sales, web traffic, and other crucial business information. While all of these complex applications require powerful development, production, database, and web servers - they also require protection f rom f requent malware and DDoS attacks. The f requency and sophistication of cyber attacks on Tucknologies were threatening to have severe consequences for the business. For example, if one such attack was not mitigated for a banking and insurance company client, all of the client's email servers could have been blacklisted, preventing them f rom sending emails and severely minimizing their flow of business. With large amounts of revenue and reputation on the table, preventing a breach was a serious concern for Tucknologies Chief Technology Officer Brian Novak. Because of these types of security concerns, along with the powerful capabilities offered to developers, Tucknologies turned to Liquid Web for help.

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