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Easy 5-Step Tutorial for Unmanaged Server Migration

June 9, 2022 Liquid Web

Unmanaged server migration is the term used to describe copying or moving critical data from one server to another, as well as configuring that target server to replace the first. The hard work of planning, scoping the work, transferring files, testing your new server, and pushing the new server live will likely fall to your team.

Is your team prepared to handle all of those tasks?

Migrations should be handled with care, as they can be extremely time-consuming. One wrong move can leave your mission-critical application or website down for an extended length of time.

Luckily, Liquid Web has your back with this handy infographic to guide the way. And for those who need managed migrations, we can help with that too.

Download this Infographic to Find Out the Exact 5 Steps for a Successful On-Premises to Cloud Migration.

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