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Moving From VPS to Managed WordPress Hosting

May 26, 2020 Liquid Web

When you first started hosting as a developer, you most likely started on shared hosting. While it was inexpensive, it was ineffective as you competed for resources against thousands of other sites on the same dedicated server. It worked for a while, but as your business grew, so did server resources requirements.

You most likely moved to a VPS, giving you complete control over your own resources. It makes a lot of sense for developers, especially if you need control for building custom applications. But not all developers are system admins, nor should they be.

You might consider a Managed VPS solution, but there is another way. One that moves away from being both a web developer and a devops engineer.

Here are 7 questions developers should ask themselves to know if it is time to move to Managed WordPress with Nexcess


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