April 24 2017 Release Details - (Control-Layer: IPAPI)

April 26, 2017 juanito

Detailed information about this release:

New Feature:

SSL Intermediate Chain Validation introduction.

Since the initial release, the primary validation of SSL certificates required that the certificate signer itself had to be on the Mozilla’s list of valid certificate providers. Since several customers came across an issue where the certificate signing was delegated and official signing was done along the intermediate chain. It just makes sense to support this feature. This is one step closer towards Let’s Encrypt.


MediaWiki Base code for testing.

Yup another one-click installer coming on board. While the base code-work has been implemented sufficient testing needs to be done before this is released.

Modulus functionality for supported SSL. (backend)

(certificate/private_key/intermediate) modulus return data has been implemented for future usage of the control panel and ultimately customer consumption for another level of verification before requesting SSL installation.  

Bug Fix:

IIS tech change.

An issue has been addressed when Changing from one IIS version to a different IIS version not assigning to the originally assigned cluster. This has been resolved.

IIS App Pool Failure definition.

An issue where IIS provision (application pool creation failures) occurred without a clear response message of the failure. This has been addressed.

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