Private Cloud Hosting in 60 Seconds

June 20, 2014 J. Mays

Before we talk private cloud, lets first take a quick look at general "cloud hosting".

Cloud hosting enables you to: create servers quickly, resize them as you need, clone and scale-out new servers, and easily move between hardware!

Convenient, right?

Well, keep in mind that in a general cloud environment, you're not alone. You're hosted on hardware with other cloud servers. Those other cloud servers can sometimes be a bit toooo busy, or noisy... and no one needs noisy neighbors!

Avoid the neighbor issues by moving to the Private Cloud, where you'll have the entire physical server to yourself, plus all of those useful cloud features. Private cloud allows you to create cloud servers to your exact specs. Divide the server up as you see fit... with granular control of server resources such as: CPU Cores, RAM, and Disk Space.

Of course, this is great for developers, businesses, and definitely resellers. Avoid Noisy Neighbors, and Choose Your Resources, and Design Your Own Private Cloud For more information visit our private cloud page at

My name is J., thanks for watching, and that's private cloud in 60 seconds.

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